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About Us

Sprinkler Service, Mainentance and Installations by ACE Sprinkler Service

Sprinkler mainentance, installations, repairs and remodeling are just a few of the services provided be ACE Sprinkler Service.

New Installations

A sprinkler system will increase the value to your home. Consistent watering assures that your lawn and garden will always be green and lush. In addition to saving time and effort, our clients save money. The systems we design and install are much more efficient and use less water than conventional watering methods.

Prior to an installation we meet with each of our clients to answer their questions and to deveolp a full scope of work based on the property. We then determine the soil conditions, water sources, water pressure and drainage conditions of the property. The machines we use are small and do little to disrupt existing foliage. The installations take a full day to install. Each of our trained expert technicians make sure that our clients know how to operate their new time clock. With each of our new installations, clients receive a 2 year warranty including parts and labor.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Turn Ons

At the begining of the season we open your main sprinkler valve to tunr the system on. We then ensure that your time clock is adjusted properly and that all the settings are set to meet your sprinkler needs. Following that, one of our many trained technicians examines your system zone by zone to make sure all of the sprinkler heads are working and make sure that all of the zone valves are opening and not leaking.


When the season is coming to an end you will be notified by our staff that the time has come to blow the system out. We will then use an air compressor to blow out all of the water in the lines to prevent freezing lines, valvues, and sprinkler heads to due harsh winter weather.

Service Calls

Residential sprinkler servicing is our specialty. Service calls may be needed if
your are experiencing burn spots in your lawn, valvues not opening, broken heads,
leaks in your under ground pipes or time clock not functioning properly.

For additional services offered by ACE Sprinkler Service please call us at
(516) 812-8606 .

In addition to sprinkler services ACE also specializes in Landscape Lighting. For more
information on this service please call (516) 457-5122.