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Lawn Sprinkler Parts & Irrigation Products

Lawn sprinkler parts are one of the most important factors in the irrigation installation. ACE uses only the highest quality materials when designing and installing your sprinkler system. Each of the leading component manufacturers has products that are best suited to certain types of applications. We use or experience and expertise to determine which components should be used to design a sprinkler system that satisfies your unique needs.


Hunter and Rain Bird are among the world’s leading manufacturers of irrigation and sprinkler equipment for residential and commercial properties. We use sprinkler heads and rotors from these two manufacturers. Hunter's "Signature Pop-up Gear Driven Rotors" and Rain Bird's "Rain Curtain Technology" offer the most advanced technology for the efficient delivery of water to your lawn and gardens. All Hunter and Rain Bird sprinklers used by ACE “pop-up” above the turf when working then retract below grade when the cycle is completed.

Irritrol is a brand of professional irrigation products manufactured by the Toro® Irrigation Division. ACE specifically utilizes the Irritrol sprinkler system controllers and solenoid valves for starting and stopping water flow through your system. These components are the most reliable and feature rich units in the industry. The "Rain Dial Plus" controllers are also available with a convenient remote control system.

Produced at the Conbraco plants in the United States, Conbraco backflow prevention products are designed for installation, servicing, and repair. ACE uses this extensive line of products including Reduced Pressure Principle Valves, Top Entry Double Check Valve Assemblies, Dual Check Valves, Vacuum Breakers and Test Kits. You can always rely on ACE to use Conbraco products for quality service.